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Geologic & Geographics

Geologic & Geographics

Going back to the separation of the continents and the formation of the islands and seas, we would have to look at the Cretaceous Period (between 144 and 66 million years ago) and to the Eocene Period (between 56 and 34 million years ago), the time when Europe wos separating successively from Africa and from America, giving rise in turn to the emergence of the Atlantic Islands, to see the formation of the first of the Islands of this orchipelago, Majo, the only one with sedimentary outcrops, followed by the appearance of the others, in the geological fault known as Vema, wich extends through the Cayar Canyon to Dakar.
It is tempting to evoke the mitical scenery of Atlantis to situate this archipelago, which emerges from depths of 4,000 metres, in the open shell in the west, which separates the islands of Barlavento from those of Sotavento, the most southerly of the four that make up Macaronesia, with the Canarias to the north, followed by Madeira and Porto Santo (both ot the latitude of Morocco), still further north, and the Azores (next to continetial Portugal), making up a total of 28 larger Islands and further smallers ones, including the Selvagens, 165 km north of the Canarias, wich is part of the Madeira archipelago.

Between the equator and the Tropic of Cancer, at the same latitude as Guadeloupe or Brazil in the Carribiane, Goa in the India Ocean, or the Philippines in the Pacific, the orchipelago of CapeVerde dominates the tropical Atlantic between 14° 23’ and 17° 12’ of latitude and 25 ° 22 ' of 22°40’ of longitude, at a distance of 320 nautical miles from Senegal, to the most eastern island, Boavista (15° 58’and .
The total area surface of Cape Verde is 4,033 km2, and the largest islands is Santiago (991), followed in descending order by the islands of Santo Antao (799), Boavista (622), Fogo (476), S.Nicolau (343), Majo (269), S. Vicente (227), Sal (216), Brava (67), Santa Lucia (45).
The island of Boavista has the best beaches in Cape Verde, with no less than 26, same of which are around 10 kilometres long, such as Estoril, Chave, Varandinha, Santa Monica, Curralinho, Locaco, Curral Velho, Ervatao and Boa Espereanca.


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