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Pick Up Excursion

Pick Up Exkursion in Boavista
There are many ways to discover the Island of Boavista and the most beautiful places. One of the easiest and most comfortable ways is to on a pick up tour. With these vehicles you have the opportunity to see all important and beautiful places within one day. On the northern coast we have the old Ship wrack Cabo de Santa Maria which was a freight ship on its way from Spain to Brazil in 1968. Out of unexplained circumstances this boat grounded on the north coast of Boavista and is a beautiful photo scenery today. As this boat is so close to the beach the visitors can reach it by foot and can almost touch it. Since the north of the island is the more populated area visitors should not miss the small region Norte. The region consists of 3 small villages which have in total around 800 inhabitants. Life in these villages is really original since most of the houses do not have any water pipes and only during 12 hours per day electricity. In Norte and around these villages you can find some small farms. Since Norte is not far away from the beach you can see a lot of fisherman coming home during the day always bringing fresh big fishes on their pick ups. In Fundo das Figueras is the biggest church on Boavista situated. This church is the only one on the island that is always open and allows the visitors a view inside. Coming down from the north on the west coast we find the capital of Boavista Sal Rei. This small city with its harbor is very lively during the day and the guests enjoy watching the scenery in a typical cape Verdian village. In Sal Rei it is also possible to buy some souvenirs, either from the island of Cape Verde or typical handicraft from the African continent. From Sal Rei it takes the visitor only about 15 minutes to Rabil. Rabil which was the former capital of Boavista is the place for handicraft. In a small pottery school the inhabitants of Boavista are able to learn this typical trade which has a long tradition on this island. On the other end of Rabil is the oldest church of Boavista situated. From Rabil visitors can go down to the south of the island. They cross the small village Povacao Velha which is the oldest village on Boavista. The inhabitants are very proud of this small village since it never got attacked by the feared pirates and the houses are very well restored. From the church of Povacao Velha the visitors have a beautiful view over the village as well as over the complete west coast of Boavista. From the Praia de Chaves and Varandinha to the Santa Monica beach. It is an absolute MUST to see this beach on Boavista, because it is not only the nicest beach on this island but also one of the most beautiful beaches all over the world.  18 Kilometers of protected beach with white sand and nothing else are waiting to fascinate every visitor. Once you arrive on Santa Monica you will always search for places like this. Driving along the coast into the east direction there is another small village which was inhabited in former times. Today Curral Velho is a good photo scenery with all its ruins. These places are only the most famous places on Boavista. Of course there is a lot more to see and everyone have to make an own decision which is the most beautiful place on this small island. Definitely every visitor should take its time to visit every part of Boavista. If you need any information for this or if you are interested in starting a tour with us do not hesitate to contact us at the reception of Residence A Paz as well as per Email.
See you soon on Boavista


Bird Watching

Bird Waching
Boa Vista offers excellent opportunities to observe an interesting diversity of avifauna. More than 20 different bird species breed on the island. Wetlands areas located along the shore (brackish or salty water) or inland (freshwater) are worth visiting.
The Magnificent frigatebird (Fregata magnificens), the Cream-coloured courser (Cursorius cursor), the Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus) and the White-faced storm-petrel (Pelagodroma marina) are among the most sought-after species by enthusiastic birdwatchers. Active Red-billed tropicbird (Phaethon aethereus) breeding colonies are also very enjoyable. 
Half-day and full-day tours are available upon request. The prices range between 35 and 80 € depending on the number of people, length of tour and the logistics involved.

Excursion by Boat

Excursion by boat

Since Boavista is a small island situated in the nice Atlantic Ocean of course visitors should not miss to make an excursion by boat. There are many different ways and possibilities to do this.
Starting with small fishing boats like the population use for work to catamarans and boats for special fishing tours up to big catamarans for luxurious tours the visitors on Boavista can find nearly everything.
Many fishermen in the harbor use their boats not only for their normal work but also for small tours, for example to visit the small island in front of Sal Rei. Also there are some boats for the visitors to go on fishing or snorkeling tours which are famous adventures on the Atlantic Ocean.
For all visitors who like it more comfortable there is one big catamaran on the island which offer tours along the west coast with snorkeling stop and a luxurious atmosphere for some hours during the day.
For more information, questions or bookings just contact us in the reception of A Paz or by Email.

Whale Watching

Humpbacks whales carry out seasonal migrations between their high-latitude feeding areas and their low-latitude breeding grounds. The Cape Verde Islands are one of the two breeding sites for the species in the North Atlantic. March and April is the peak of the breeding season and also the time when these acrobatic whales can be sighted off the W and SW coast of Boa Vista. Individuals can be identified from natural markings (ventral fluke pattern). Males sing songs, at least partly to attract females, and to maintain distance from other males.
This activity offers a great opportunity for researchers to collect data on the temporal and spatial distribution of whales, their behaviour, as well as pictures and skin samples for individual identification
Half-day tours are available in the morning (8:30) and in the afternoon (14:00). The boat trip normally takes 2-3 hours. 
Fees: 50 € (40 € for children 6-12 years). Transfer between the hotel and Sal-Rei included.



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